Since September 2015, I have been editing a column for The Namibian newspaper, called “Know the History”. The goal is to bring historical work to general readership, written jargon-free with photographs. In addition, the column seeks to bring lesser-known histories of Namibia to light; far too many people know the patriotic SWAPO histories or the oft-repeated colonial hagiographies.

If anyone is interested in contributing to the series, please contact me and let me know the subject you wish to write on. We ask that the works are based on original research (oral, archival, archaeological, etc.), though the authors don’t necessarily have to be historians per se. Most submissions are between 900-1050 words with two photographs. The series is published once each month.

Some of the previous submissions can be viewed here:

Bernard C. Moore “Namibia’s Dog Tax” [LINK]
Stephanie Quinn “Education and Development in Namibia” [LINK]
Lydia Walker “Namibia: A State in Waiting” [LINK]
Luregn Lenggenhager “A Militarised Nature Park” [LINK]
Henning Melber “Namibia’s Old Location” [LINK]
Larissa Förster, Dag Henrichsen, Holger Stoecker “Tracing the Descendants of Kuiseb’s 1884 Grave Robbery” [LINK]
Bernard C. Moore “Stock Theft and Taxes in Namibia” [LINK]
Matthew Ecker “Chester Crocker in Namibia” [LINK]
Daniel Lange “East Germany and Namibia’s Independence” [LINK]
David Crawford Jones “Corporal Punishment and the Epokolo in the North” [LINK]
Kletus Likuwa “Anti-colonial Mobilization among Kavango Youth” [LINK]
Minna Saarelma-Paukkala “Christianity and Naming in Ovamboland” [LINK]
Winnie Kanyimba “Caught between Cultures in Caprivi” [LINK]
Gary Marquardt “Cattle and Rinderpest in Namibia” [LINK]
Lennart Bolliger “The Legacies of SWATF and Koevoet” [LINK]
Molly McCullers “Form Letters and the Future: A Small Facet of Liberation History” [LINK]
Lachlan McNamee “The Red Line and ‘Tribalism’ in Contemporary Namibia” [LINK]
Pekka Peltola “Trade Unions Since Independence” [LINK]
Ariane Komeda “Contesting Architecture in Colonial Days” [LINK]
Brooks Marmon “Namibia Solidarity Week: Held in Zimbabwe, 1981” [LINK]
William Lyon “Italian Workers in Colonial Namibia, 1904-1925” [LINK]
William Lyon “Cape Cross & Post-Colonial German-Namibian Relations” [LINK]